Food situation in Kisumu



The food and agriculture organization has called on stakeholders from Kisumu County to work towards making the region self-reliant on consumer commodities. 

Barrack Okoba who is Climate Smart expert Agriculture Officer from the organization said that Kisumu County is a net importer of foodstuffs yet the same can realized from the area. 

Speaking during a stakeholder’s forum in Kisumu, Okoba said that the relevant department should work towards educating the public on the need to grow more foodstuffs. 

Okoba also called on the county government to invest more in methods of food handling and storages.

He noted that a lot of various foodstuffs go to waste during harvesting time. 

He at the same time gave fish from Lake Victoria a clean bill of health.

The official assured that fish from the Lake Victoria is very safe for human consumption.

Okoba said that there have been concerns about the health status of fish from the lake and dispelled such fears.

Okoba said studies done by FAO have found out that Fish from the lake was fit for human consumption at the end of the day. 

He said what needs to be monitored is what people use to catch fish so that they can conform with international standards.




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