Fisher-folk in Dunga Beach, Kisumu County, have welcomed the proposal to create East Africa Fishing Board.

According to East Africa Community Cabinet Secretary Hon. Peter Munya, Kenya is thinking of tabling a proposal before East Africa Legislative Assembly to enhance effective management of territorial water boundaries.

Dunga Beach Management Unit assistant secretary Mr. Richard Ojijo said that such a framework is likely to reduce the constant territorial disputes between Kenyan fishermen and their Ugandan counterparts.

His sentiments were echoed by Grace Adhiambo, a fishmonger at the beach, who pointed out that such a move may promote peaceful integration relations to enhance smooth and vibrant fishing activities between Kenyans and its neighboring countries such as Uganda.

Currently a section of Kenyan informal business operators continue to question why Kenyan fishermen are constantly harassed and arrested by Ugandan authorities yet several Ugandans conduct informal businesses freely in Kenya.





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