Farmers in Ugenya Sub County are a happy lot after they received subsidized fertilizer courtesy of their area MP hon. Chris Kharani in collaboration with the Kenya cereal and produce board.  

 Speaking while he presided over the distribution of the fertilizers at Ugenya CDF offices, Kharani stated that the initiative is aimed at ensuring that farmers realize bumper harvest during the upcoming harvest after using the fertilizer for planting.

 He further revealed that his office is working towards ensuring that the fertilizers are distributed at the ward level so as to reach the famers at grass root levels.

He also issued a stern warning to his staff who will be incharge of distributing the fertilizers to ensure that only farmers receive the farm input and not businessmen who will resell to farmers at a high price

He on the other hand apologized to the farmers for not being able to give them maize seeds, saying that since the area CDF still owes Kenya seeds company for seeds distributed in the last planting season, it was impossible to get more for this season until the debt is cleared.

The legislator was accompanied by North Ugenya MCA Fredrick Opang’a, West Ugenya MCA Oduor Odongo and nominated MCAs Ben Adala and Caren Ayika.




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