Farmer losses trees


By JOSEPH OJWANG. Kisumu 12th Oct. 2017.

A farmer in Central Bwanda in Nyando Constituency is counting losses after some people cut down a field of 420 planted trees over a disputed parcel of land.

Mzee Christopher Amollo says his trees that were nearing harvesting were brought down without his consent.

Amollo planted the trees on a piece of land that was purchased by a former chief officer in Kisumu County Ondola Otieno.

He says that he bought the said piece of land from a neighboring family member before the same family sold the same parcel to Ondola.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu, Amollo has reported the matter to the authorities including the forest department in Kisumu.

He wondered why the trees had to be destroyed without getting his input on the way forward.

Amollo says he will strive to get justice.

When contacted Ondola denied the allegations that he is behind the cutting of the trees.

Ondola however says the facts on the controversial parcel of land can be obtained on the ground from the area chief and assistant chief who are pursuing the case.




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