Embrace cricket



Angara who represented Kenya in the Cricket world cups in the years 1999 and 2003 says he decided to bring back the game in the village.

A native of Nyahera village in Kisumu West Constituency, Angara says he wants to mould young people to embrace cricket.

Angara who is now the head coach of cricket in Botswana says every game should be accorded opportunity to help young people to follow their talents.

Speaking at Ogada secondary school during a cricket clinic a head of a major tournament later this month, Angara says the tournament will be sponsored by Choppies Supermarket.

Local professionals have joined hands to ensure young people take advantage of the exposure to learn cricket.

Thomas Kotieno says the initiative is brilliant as it will open opportunities to young people to build their talents.

Kotieno says sports pays and young people must come out to identify their talents early and nurture them.

A local school teacher Mr Evans Dola of Gee primary school says the sporting activity gives young people time to interact and share idea.

Dola says due to school holidays young people tend to engage in risky behaviors and such activities make them busy.




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