E.C.D.E pay has been formalized and for that the teachers are yet to receive pay rise. According to the chair of education committee at the assembly hon. James Okeyo Ochieng’, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission is with it and once they are done then it will be brought to Council Of Governors  for implementation to take effect.

Hon. Okeyo noted that the E.C.D.E teachers have really suffered yet they are the one who do a lot of work therefore there is need for them to also have a better share being that the economy of the country has also gone up.

Addressing the press, this starts from job group F to N and for that the teachers should be humble as they wait for implementation. Meanwhile he urged the E.C.D.E teachers to ensure that they seek for the TSC number for those who don’t have because no one will be employed without this number.

Hon. Okeyo who is also the MCA for Kabondo East noted that for the teachers to benefit in the pay rise thy must have the number as required by law.




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