The Office of Siaya County women representative has launched the national government sanitary towels distribution that will see over 400,000 pads distributed to school going girls in primary and secondary school in the county.

Speaking during the launched at Siaya Municipal Stadium, the Chief Administrative Secretary of public service, Youth and Gender Affairs Mrs. Rachael Shebesh announced that the government will be distributing the pads in a termly basis.

CAS Shebesh mentioned that each and every learner who is entitled to the sanitary pads will no longer have to buy them in the period when they will be in school adding that each of them is entitled to four packets of pads per term.

She directed the county commissioner to work closely with the office of the women representative in ensuring that the pads are distributed for free to school learners.

She gave a warning to those who will be responsible for the distribution of the pads against storing them in stores or offices saying the precious commodity should be distributed immediately to the girls to store for themselves.

Siaya women representative Dr. Christine Ombaka mentioned that giving the girls sanitary pads will give them a chance to be in school for long and also concentrate in class work without worrying when they are on menstruation.

The occasion was also attended by among other Siaya Deputy governor James Okumbe, Siaya first lady Rosella Rasanga, and the chair to Youth advisory board Ronnie Osumba among other leaders.

Sanitary pads program will benefit 180,000 learners in Siaya County targeting learners from class six to form four.





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