Defend Devolution at all costs Raila now urges Kenyans


NASA affiliated Governors across Kenya, and members of the  respective county assemblies have been advised to find ways of working together , in  making devolution a success.

NASA leader Raila Odinga speaking after a closed door  meeting  with  Kisumu Govenor Anyang’ Nyongo alongside  other Kisumu County Leaders,  has stressed on the need for the county assemblies to work closely with the Counties’  executive wing , towards making devolution a reality, and of benefit to the common wananchi

Raila has cited that devolution is currently facing challenges in its implementation , due to frustration from the national government,  a scenario he  says is similar to what the then  ‘majimbo”  system of governance faced in the early sixties

Kisumu Govenor Anyan’g Nyong;o has revealed that the meeting with Raila, for a better part of this moroning , majorly focused on Devolution and how best to achieve its goals




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