We all remember that one time in our child when we used to rush home after school at 4.00PM to watch our favorite heroes fight crime maintain law and order and keep people safe. We all had that one
hero we admired so much that at times we even played and pretended to be them. All this was made
possible by one man Stan Lee the creator of the marvel universe.
American writer and former president of marvel comics, Stan Lee was born in 1922 and has died at the
age of 95 years. In 1961 Lee created the fantastic four for marvel comics then created main stream
characters like Spiderman, the incredible hulk, the Black Panther and the Avengers as a whole.
The legend and the granddaddy behind comic book characters died at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in
LOS Angeles, according to family lawyer in recent years Lee has suffered from illness including
pneumonia. Lee was well known for making cameos in every marvel film, though he had left the
company in 1972. He still remained chairman.
Lee in 1961, alongside jack Kirby created the fantastic four, the characters were compelling each with
their own individual personalities and relatable problems. Timely Publications was then renamed Marvel
and the golden age of comic books begun. Marvel characters are loved by both young and old movie
lovers’ i.e. The Black Panther was the first ever black super hero and in 29 th January 2018 it hit
mainstream and in cinemas worldwide the movie since then has broken many box office records.




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