Siaya Deputy Governor Dr. Ouko Okumbe and county government staffs were forcefully evicted from their offices and compelled to participate in the anti-IEBC protests in Siaya town.

The Deputy Governor and the county government staffs were evicted by irate members of the public who stormed the county government offices and removed them one by one before forcing them to join the anti-IEBC protests across the streets of Siaya town.

While ejecting them out of the offices, the charged protestors claimed that there is no way that Dr. Okumbe and the other officers could sit back when people are demonstrating since they are the major beneficiaries of devolution.


The protesters were irritated by the fact today there was not even a single elected leader who had joined them in the peaceful demonstrations which they conducted along the streets in Siaya town before winding up at the gates of the IEBC offices.

Speaking during the demonstrations, the members of the public took issue with the elected leaders lead by governor Rasanga whom they accused of not coming out to participate in today’s demonstration despite a massive turnout from both the business community and the entire residents of Siaya town.

The business community said it was unfair for them to close their businesses to join in the protests yet the elected leaders who are the main beneficiaries of devolution were missing in the planned demonstration.

They petitioned Siaya county assembly speaker George Okode and the MCAs to cut short the on-going induction workshop in Mombasa to join them in demos warning that should they fail to do so on Friday, they may be forced not to participate in future demonstrations.

Unlike the norm of demonstration where people usually throw stones at the police, the anti IEBC demonstrations in Siaya were today conducted peacefully as demonstrators avoided to provoke the police and only matched round town carrying twigs and placards singing anti IEBC songs




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