The County Assembly of Siaya has unanimously approved Philip Richard Okanda Owade as the County Attorney who is going to offer legal advice to the governor and the executive.

Okanda who is 66 years old becomes the first county attorney of Siaya after going through a successful vetting process by the county assembly chaired by speaker George Okode.

Okanda was appointed to the position by governor cornel Rasanga following a competitive interview process

In a report tabled to assembly by the vice chair of the committee on appointments Mr. Sylvester Madialo, the committee expressed confidence that Owade was suitable for the job since he had both the knowledge and  experience required for the job.

legal and justice Committee chair Francis Otiato said the formation of the county attorney office is a great step since the executive will now have a reference point on legal matters.

This he says will end the constant wrangles that have been witnessed between the assembly and the executive on crucial matters that need legal backing.

Okanda who is an advocate in the high court of Kenya, holds an executive master degree in public policy and administration from Kenyatta University.

He participated in the formation of the core defining devolution Acts such the county government Act and the inter- governmental relations Act as stipulated in chapter 11 of the Kenya constitution 2010.





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