Counties told to allocate budget for malaria research.


By JOSEPH OJWANG. Kisumu 14th July 2017.

Leaders in various malaria prone counties in the country have been challenged to allocate a portion of the counties’ health budget towards malaria research.

Head of Malaria Control in Kenya Dr Wargo Ejersa says malaria research, prevention and curative initiatives in those counties is wanting.

Ejersa says donor funding towards malaria and other diseases has significantly reduced in the recent past.

Speaking in Kisumu, Ejersa says domestic funding would be appropriate in sustaining the already existing programs and approaches towards reducing malaria related deaths across the country.

Julie Chege, the program coordinator for the No More Malaria Initiative in Kenya says there is a nationwide initiative aimed at encouraging county governments to allocate funds towards malaria eradication.

Busia and Kwale counties were celebrated for their milestone achievements in allocating county resources for malaria control.

Busia allocated Sh. 10 million while Kwale set aside Sh. 9 million towards malaria control in the 2017/2018 financial year.




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