One person has died in Gem sub-county and four other people hospitalized following a cholera outbreak in Siaya County.
According to Siaya County deputy Director of health Dr. Isaac Ngere, there is confirmed cholera outbreak in Gem and Alego/Usonga sub-counties.
He stated that the clinical symptoms of the person who died at Rabuor Nursing home in Gem sub-county clearly indicated cholera, adding that four other people have also been admitted with cases of cholera in Alego/Usonga sub-county.
Dr. Ngere told the press that in Gem sub-county, three sub-locations including Gongo, Nyandiwa and Kagilo sub-locations in Central Gem location are most affected areas.
The deputy Director further stated that in Alego/Usonga, suspected cholera cases have been reported around Ng’iya in South East Alego and at Kadenge Ratuoro in Central Alego.
He stated that they have already sent their teams to the affected areas to go and contain the situation, adding that their officers are also on standby at the various health facilities.
Dr. Ngere has therefore notified the public to be very vigilant, stating that should always ensure that anyone with symptoms of profuse diarrhoea seeks treatment at the nearest health facility.
Suspected cases have also been reported in North Alego location but according to the deputy Director, they are still assessing the situation to ascertain if those one are also cholera related or not.




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