Homa bay county assembly through the committee of Agriculture, livestock and fisheries is developing a bill that will ensure that there is food security.

The committee led by the chair Hon. Bob Obondo who is also the MCA for Central Kasipul say that the policy will ensure that farmers are capacity built so that there is high production also of fish from the

Adding that they will include financial support to fish farmers as a way of reducing fish importation to the county therefore urged the other farmers to make the rains that are there to start planting so as to curb issues of food insecurity, a statement that was supported by hon. Paul Adika MCA lambwe who is a member of the committee too.

Speaking during exhibition of the new fish feeds introduced by the Unga limited in homa bay, hon. Joel Mola Ocholla who is the MCA  for west Kasipul urged the public to embrace the partners who are ready to
support them so that agricultural production is boosted thereby leading to increase of money too in their pockets.

Meanwhile the chief whip hon. Sophie Koweje who is also a member of the committee urged governor to consider allocating more fund to the agriculture sub-sector to strengthen those doing fishing.




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