Fast moving consumer goods manufacturer – Bidco Africa has commissioned a new Shs. 2 billion washing powder  plant at its Thika Headquarters.

The new facility has been designed to meet a growing demand for powdered detergent across the region, and will initially produce 3,000 tonnes of detergents per month. “We are excited to launch Msafi Washing Powder- a quality and affordable product that is available across the country. We are coming to the market in a big way with new products, strong distribution and fresh campaigns,” said Bidco Africa Chief Executive Officer –
Thiagarajan Ramamurthy.

The investment is part of Bidco’s Shs 200 billion expansion plan that will see the company enter into new products categories as it seeks to grow its revenue to the billion dollar mark. “We had brands in the market before but we had no control over the production process but this investment gives us total control and the ability to serve the market with no restrictions,” said Chris Diaz – Bidco’s Sales and Marketing Director. Bidco currently produces Powerboy and Gental detergent brands and the portfolio is growing. “Detergent is a crucial product in the Kenyan home and it is an area we believe we can compete and offer fantastic value to the consumer,” said Mr. Ramamurthy.

The plant is the most advanced facility of its kind in the region. “This is a state of the art facility, completely computer controlled and environmentally friendly. We have remarkable options in the kind of products we can create and this is good for the market and the consumer,” Ramamurthy explained. ABOUT BIDCO AFRICA
Bidco Africa is East Africa’s largest FMCG manufacturer. Founded in 1985 by Bhimji Depar Shah and his two sons Vimal Shah and Tarun Shah, Bidco Africa is the market leader in the edible oils and fats categories in Kenya. Bidco Africa also manufacturers Hygiene and personal care products, including bar soaps and detergents.




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