Sand harvesters in Nyatike Sub County have been called upon to asses’ areas suitable for harvesting the sand in a bid to avoid incidences of death or injuries that may occur especially during this rainy season.

Led by Jackob Ombati they have said that the residents especially in Nyakoyo village Macalder Kanyarwanda ward would be risking their lives following the sand harvest in the area which they say is leaving the area with deep furrows hence would be easily swept away by floods especially during this time where the heavy rains are pounding the area.

While speaking to Dala fm over the phone Ombati said that he is not against the sand harvest where some of the residents especially the youths gets money for their daily bread but they must be cautious since it is a disaster in waiting urging them to identify suitable places to harvest the sand.

He added that some of the under aged boys have also rendered into sand harvesting something he said must be looked into calling upon Migori County government and the disaster management department to come out and assist in providing proper guidelines on the sand harvesting in the area in a bid to assist the residents on possible deaths and injuries that may occur in the area especially during this rainy season.

This comes as several people in the area lost their properties last evening after being swept away by floods following the heavy rains that pounded the area and now leaves several people homeless with the residents calling for assistance from the government concerning the rain havoc they are now facing.





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