MCAs at the homa bay county assembly extended the adjournment time from 10th May to 16th May 2018 to fulfil some of the development plants put in the budget.

Led by hon. Peter Kaula, they noted that the electorates are expecting a lot from them for instance the county bursary therefore if they adjourn they will have no link to put somebody to task to release the bursary funds since the beneficiaries who are the students have been set home for fees.

As Hon.  James Okeyo MCA Kabondo East noted that it is very bad that homa-bay is the only county that has not released bursary funds yet the time has moved on faster, he pleaded with colleague MCAs not to adjourn until the bursary funds are released.

While hon. Bob Obondo who is the MCA for Central Kasipul noted that in the supplementary budget they had passed there was Rapid Result Initiative (RRI) where some projects were to be implemented in their wards within 100 days therefore with the extended time, they will be able to know the status of RRI.

When speaker put the question the assembly passed the motion on the extension of the adjournment date.




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