Gamba fc lashed papkamola 4-2 in a post penalty shootout to clinch the Dr.Victor Otieno peace tournament in a sterning football encounter held at Gamba secondary school grounds in West Sakwa ward Awendo Sub County.

This is after the two teams locking horns to a barren draw in the regular 90 minutes of play with both teams losing numerous chances to score prompting the shootouts.

Shadrack Ose of Papkamola lost his first kick before Thomas Odongo of Gamba sending the Papkamola keeper Maurice Musa on the wrong direction scoring their first kick, thanks to Zacharia Achola,Joshua Omondi and Victor Omondi who also ensured their kicks back in the net with only the two Kevin Omondi scoring their kicks for Papkamola fc.

Gamba fc had crushed Siruti fc 2-1 in the semifinals to qualify for the finals with victor Ogada and Evance Licha scoring for their side before Papkamola fc beating Kabuoro fc 1-0 thanks to Caleb Ochieng solitary goal in the 57th minutes of play.

Various races were also conducted in the peace tourney where Kevin Nyakai and Andrew Ogutu were awarded the trophy for being number one and two respectively in the men 100 miters finals with Maurine Achieng and Zaina Awino taking the trophy for the 100 miters finals for women, even as Kevin Nyakai showing his mighty again by clinching the 200 miters for men as Lorine Anyango taking the 200 meters women final trophy.

Gamba A took the trophy for the 4 by 100 miters finals as Rabondo becoming second, with quinter Atieno clinching the 100 meters finals bottle race, Eunice Achieng becoming second.

Other disciplines included, Tag of war men where Pap Kamola A beat Gamba B as Pap Kamola A beating Gamba B in the tag of war finals for the women even as Nyatambe beating Odongoher in the Ajua finals.

The tournament’s sponsor Dr.Victor Otieno thanked all the teams from west Sakwa ward that participated in the event saying the games were a great success and exuded confidence that the region will be able to enhance the peace and tranquility that it was geared towards as well as produce talented players who are able to compete with other players especially the national team players.

He also hinted of collaborating with other top clubs like the Sony sugar fc to have the exchange programme for the talented players and have them get the opportunity to showcase their talents and prosper in life just like other have done it before and succeeded.




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