Additional allocation of resources in the healthcare



President Uhuru Kenyatta made the announcement at the launch of the pilot program on the free healthcare in the counties of Kisumu, Machakos, Nyeri and Isiolo.

Kenyatta says the additional allocation being pumped into the health sector will help in the strengthening of the delivery of health services across the country.

He says the program will be scaled in the entire country after the elapse of the six months pilot program.

The head of state says the public will have access to free health care in any public health hospital.

Council of Governors chairman Josephat Nanok assured the head of state that all the counties are ready to help in the implementation of the program.

Nanok says the remaining counties who are not in the pilot program have started in earnest the registration of the public into the health care scheme.

He says the counties in the coming financial years will increase the budget allocation towards healthcare to 30 percent from 21 percent.




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